Sandville Newletter for July 2016

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Total number of patients who received therapies this month:

Tuesday 143 & 17 new patients
Wednesday 99 + 7 new, Wed evening clinic 31
Thursday 71 + 5 new
Friday 44
Saturday & Sunday 18

Sat 2nd – Our monthly Table Top took place from 2.30 to 4pm, and was opened by Mary Emmet Lewis last year’s President of Porthcawl Inner Wheel. She really did tell people to spend well and they did just that. A lovely afternoon was had by all and a total of £637.81 was made clear profit.

Sandville closed the following Monday for two weeks of deep cleaning and decorating, and what a transformation. HR Decorators did the Hairdressing Salon with Gill and Caroline doing the before and afters and Gareth steam cleaned the floor, the Shop was done by Jan. Gareth did everywhere in the Complex including pool changing rooms and showers. Nine DWP Staff came in and did the Church, Education Centre and Log Cabin. John “Carpet Genie” came for two days doing all the carpets and upholstery, and did it all for free. The Tuesday Girls came in and spring cleaned my room and the big room. The Monday Girls did all the bedrooms and the Thursday Girls did the kitchen, pantry and all the shelving etc. Mark the oven cleaner did the oven. The upstairs corridor, laundry room, the bar, reception area and the front porch were all decorated.

My sincere thanks to EVERYONE who came along and gave us the most important ingredient “THEIR TIME” !

Tues 12th – The second Tuesday of the shutdown Therapies were held down the farm from 11am to 4pm. 37 came along and we did a bring and share lunch and everyone had some therapy. Gareth took all the left over food back to Sandville, which fed all the volunteers until Sunday.

Church Services were held on the Sundays whilst we were closed.

Fri 22nd – A presentation night was held in the Labour Club Kenfig Hill, and during the proceedings Ken Mason who entertained for the evening, arranged for a bucket collection. A total of £200 was raised for Sandville Court.

Sat 23rd – The Annual Porthcawl Carnival took place, and every year we take along our Sandville Car which we normally decorate, but not this year. Usually we have

always been ten collecting but this year we were only three, Kath, Anna and myself with Jack doing the honours driving. We had a lovely day but it’s hard work when the buckets are so heavy, I am pleased to say the Carnival was a huge success.

Education – During the past two weeks we have had 11 Nursing Students spending the day with us. Some were 1st, 2nd and 3rd year and were all braking up for the 4weeks in August, before starting a new year in September.

Total Yellow Boxes = £112.51