Sandville Newsletter for August 2016

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Total number of patients who received therapies this month:

Tuesday 222 & 8 new
Wednesday 186 & 4 new, evening clinic 43
Thursday 118 & 16 new
Friday 88
Saturday & Sunday 26

Wednesday 3rd Our monthly church service took place and alas no clergy turned up so I did the service as I do on Sundays. I am pleased we were 12 in the congregation and we all went over to the house for refreshments.

Thursday 4th Cedric and Pat our faithful entertainers came to entertain the patients and a lovely afternoon was had by everyone.

Sat 6th– Our monthly Table Top took place from 2.30 to 4pm, and was opened by Graham Grabham our Reiki theraist. He  did tell people to spend well and they did just that. A lovely afternoon was had by all and a total of £688.54 was made clear profit.

Wednesday 24th A presentation evening took place which was a cheque of £820. This was presented by Linda Knight and Ken Bollam with Jackie the manager of Barclays Bank who matched the raffle money. The night had been held in The Six Bells in Coity..

Total raised in yellow Boxes = £582.00