Sandville Newsletter for June 2016

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Total number of patients who received therapies this month:

Tuesday 238 + 24 new
Wednesday 245 + 10 new
Wednesday Evening clinic 56 + 7 students
Thursday 154 + 7 new
Friday 98
Saturday & Sunday 42







Wednesday 1st: Our monthly church service in St Michaels Church with Father Jonathan Durley doing the honours. This was followed by teas, coffee & cakes which was served by Len & Sian.

Friday 3rd: I was invited to the Grove Golf Club by Porthcawl at 5:30 to be presented with a cheque of £1,000 along with £1,000 to Prostate Cancer which was all raised by Porthcawl Lions from their very successful golf tournament held there throughout the day. I felt very privileged to be invited.

Saturday 4th: Our monthly table top took place from 2:30 to 4pm. This proved to be a lovely afternoon and the good weather was a bonus. Considering there was several fetes on in the area we were very lucky and quite a few new faces which was a nice surprise. A total of £543.79 was made clear profit.

Saturday 11th: 8 of us attended a night in the Pavilion which was organised by Julie, a personal friend of heather, who provided and done the raffle in aid of Sandville. The whole night was very enjoyable and the entertainment was 1st class. Heather made £360 on her raffle, one of the best I have ever seen, 8 of us went along and was just sad the pavilion was only ½ full. My sincere thanks to Heather & Julie.

Sunday 12th: Garry & his grandson Zac spent a few hours outside Sainsbury’s with two yellow boxes after being invited by them to raise money for Sandville, and what a great afternoon they had and raised £435.40.

Saturday 18th: A very successful evening was held in the Six Bells in Coity. This was all organised by Guy Madison (known to me as Ken Bollom). He often entertains here on a Thursday afternoon and wanted to raise some funds for us. Marlene & I went along 7:30 to represent Sandville and indeed it was very enjoyable. No charge to go in and they did a raffle and raised £420, which Barclays Bank are going to double. Linda & Neil (the owners) provided refreshments and although we left at 10:45 it went on until 12:30am. My sincere thanks to all.

Tuesday 21st: We had a lovely visit from Margam Womens Guild at 2:30pm, all 18 of them came along to view Sandville Court. I had given them a talk in St Martins Church hall back in February. They were taken on a tour of the building and then served tea, coffee and cakes by our student volunteer, and spent quite a time in our charity shop, and didn’t they spend well.

Bridgend Rotary have kindly supported us again this year by giving us £500, which will be used to buy a new safe. Also many sincere thanks to Mandy Davies (our butchers) who raised £365 in Ogmore Riding School.

Our students have now finished all their exams and have started back with us on a Wednesday evening which is really lovely as we have missed them very much.

June is a special month here at Sandville and we like to remember these special dates:

June 25th, 23 years ago HRH Duchess of Kent came for a visit, what a wonderful day!

June 25th 2001 – The grand opening of our St Michael’s Church

June 25th 2002 – The grand opening of our lovely log cabin


59 Club Bonus Ball Winners.

04/06 – Number 30 -  Toni (wed pm), Audrey & Len, Gareth Foster

11/06 – Number 3 – Caroline (Tues), William David (my great grand-daughters), Margo (Ethel)

18/06 – Number 47 – Peggy Parrish, Pearl (Wed pm), Pat & Ron (Wed)

25/06 – Number 16 – Pat Lewis, Matthew Parrish, Norris family

Yellow Boxes Total £538.42