Sandville Newsletter for October 2016

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Total number of patients who received therapies this month:

Tuesday 203 & 30 new
Wednesday 181 & 7 new
Thursday 134 & 7 new
Friday 96
Saturday & Sunday 28

SAT 1st – Our monthly Table Top took place, and what a superb day was had by everyone. Quite a lot of new faces and loads of goodies were on sale. The event was opened by Natalie Murphy and a total of £700 was made which was clear profit. Thanks to everyone who made it such a lovely afternoon.

WEDS 5th – Our monthly Church Service took place at 7pm, officiated by Father Phillip Masson who all 14 of us very welcome. As usual tea, coffee and cakes were served by our students and entertainment was provided by Wyn and Ray. This was followed by the Evening Clinic.

THURS 6th – A superb Fashion Show took place in the HI TIDE courtesy of Jeff and Fran. This was only the second time Gwyneth and Mike had organised a show and what a fantastic job they did! The models were Patients and Volunteers, and there was a superb raffle which was a great success with 6 special baskets full of goodies donated by the Bridgend MG Club and put together by our Raffle Queen Heather. Pam was the compare for the evening with four of the best dressed gentlemen in Porthcawl escorting the models on stage. I know a lot of hard work went into preparing all the clothes, which all came from the Sandville Bouquet (or Charity Shop) and were sold at the end of the evening. The total raised was £1,700, so my sincere thanks to everyone, including patients and volunteers dressing the models.

TUES 11th – Ten students from Arch Bishop Mgrath School came and spent the day with us. They were offered therapies followed by lunch, and then they all give St Michaels Church the best Spring Clean ever, not a cobweb in sight. Jan their teacher was so proud of them all, and we enjoyed having them. Also that day Steve Colwell a final year Medical Student spent the day with us, and he was able to experience all the therapies we offer our patients.

MON 17th – We were very privileged to have our faithful friend Dave King here for the afternoon doing a Fire Training Day. Our Night Volunteers and Garry and Gareth done the course which was a great success, my sincere thanks to Dave for his time.

WEDS 19th – Twelve Students from Bridgend College came along and spent three hours with us, they had a tour of Sandville and experienced some of the Therapies.

Also eleven volunteers from Lloyds Bank spent all day preparing and painting our Education Centre and our Storage container. They done a fantastic job and they look like new, my sincere thanks go to all of them.

This last week we had two visitors from India spending five days with us, one was a Doctor and one a Social Worker. They had spent the previous week in St Christopher’s in London and following being with us they were spending a week in a Hospice in Shrewsbury. They stayed in our Log Cabin, and spent their time having all the Therapies and talking and listening to the patient’s stories. I know they learned a great deal from this experience, and they have our good friend Gilly Burns to thank for arranging their time tables etc, it was great to have them here.

Yellow Boxes = £336.76