Sandville Newsletter for September 2016

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Total number of patients who received therapies this month:

Tuesday 204 & 14 new
Wednesday 127 & 2 new, evening clinic 35
Thursday 140 & 16 new
Friday 84
Saturday & Sunday 20

Sat 3rd – Our monthly Table Top took place from 2.30 to 4pm. As always a very successful day was had by everyone and it was so lovely to see such a great crowd here. £670 was made clear profit. My thanks to everyone.

Wed 7th Our Monthly church service took place with Father Phillip officiating, with 18 of us in attendance, which was great. Tea, coffee & cakes followed, our guitarists Wyn & Ray were there for everyone to enjoy and the evening clinic followed.

Thursday 8thLee our Chiropodist was here 10:30-12:30,

Wed 21st – it’s impossible to describe this day and how enjoyable it was for so many people and how incredible it was to welcome H.R.H Duchess of Gloucester through the doors of Sandville Court. Arriving by helicopter at The Price of Wales Public House and then by car into our Sandville car park to be greeted by the invited VIP’s at the front door. After being introduced to H.R.H I was given the privilege of taking her on a tour of the house and introducing her to my three colleagues, Peggy, Garry & Gareth. Then to the Trustees, vice-presidents, GP’s, consultants, President of the Wales Prostrate Cancer, David Brace & his wife, and his team of volunteers who raise a lot of money for Prostate cancer Wales. and many many others. We then went to the therapy complex where she was able to witness all the therapies taking place in the ‘Tes Aviation Room’ (Reiki). Megan Butcher’s reflexology room where massage and Bowens was taking place and I think the hydrotherapy was a great surprise to her with Sandra & Toots our pool therapists who were in the pool with little Cory, also professor Nigel Stott, his wife Mary & carer were all being put through their paces and then we introduced her to Peter our homeopath therapist I was able to take her through the gardens into St Michaels where the full church greeted her. She met our two little children Amelia & Ellis, also Renee and many more. We then proceeded to the log cabin where the student nurses, qualified nurses, school students and Tony (father xmas) met her. Then into the conservatory where she met members of my own family and into the large activity room where it was packed with patients and volunteers and she walked around the whole room stopping and talking, then into the new garden where she unveiled the plaque along with Amelia & Ellis and was presented with the posy of flowers by Danny Jones (Sandville Hotel). We then went across to the BBQ and met the chefs, my son Neil & his two friends Carl and Effion. Also David Wicks, Becky Megan Michaela and of course Gwyneth herself. HRH then               left by car back to the helicopter.

The BBQ followed at 2:30 where Becky, & my granddaughters Megan & Michaela & myself prepared burgers, sausages, onions to nearly 300 people and we used over 300 rolls and only 2 burgers left from 200 & 160 sausages. My sincere thanks to all on the BBQ & kitchen staff, Ieuan & Margret responsible for peeling 100 onions.

I would like to personally thank everyone who donated money for the sensory garden and the BBQ area, the food for the BBQ and also the plaque from Paul and last but not least Tina Gutterridge who donated all the flowers in the Church, the walk way to the complex and of course the beautiful posy of flowers  presented to HRH.

It took me several weeks to work with the police and to organise the planning of the day, and believe me I never slept the two weeks before the day! I believe it was a huge success and I know I feel very honoured by having such a gracious lady here. I have had a handwritten letter from Kensington palace saying how much she enjoyed the day.

My very sincere thanks to Tina Gutteridge who so kindly donated all the fresh flower arrangements in the church, our walkway up to the complex and more importantly the posy of flowers for H.R.H.

Last but not least I would like to pay a huge big thank you to Malcom the photographer, the Gem, Barry John for the video and Keith Morgan for his 1st class write-up in the Gem newspaper.